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 Business Development


STRATEGY for Ancillary App: Jumping Pages' second children's story app was The House That Went On Strike. Realizing that we had the assets created that could be re-purposed for another app, I proposed developing a song writing app for kids and asked composer Vernon Reid to create the stems for the songs. The app was simple and easy to build and brought Jumping Pages into a new market. House Band quickly outpaced the story book in app sales becoming Jumping Pages' best selling app that year.

Other Hats: Producer, Lite Coder, Team Leader, Sound Designer and Music Editor.

Cool Factor: The coding of this app inspired my talented programmer to create some mind blowing app development of his own!

New Business


STRATEGY for Event Documentation and Viewing: Focal Points is an exciting series of event activities designed to replace the drab world of Focus groups. I was asked to find a way to video record these events in an efficient and thorough manner. The solution I developed was a three-camera shoot edited into a single-paneled screen for simultaneous viewing that made the whole study more useful and exciting for viewers. 

Other Hats: Website Designer, Editor, Multi-Cam Shoot Operator. 

Cool Factor: Supporting new businesses excites me. As a video artist and editor, I utilize the benefits of digital video for documentation and marketing. They are at the core of what I offer clients in business support. 

Branded Content


Strategy for Combining ADA Awareness Campaign with Dance Company Choreography: I worked with dance choreographer, Heidi Latsky, on her film project, SOLILOQUY, that featured dancers with disabilities. During that time, she was invited to run an ad that would celebrate the Americans with Disabilities Act and promote her dance company via a JumboTron in Times Square, NYC. Together we developed the campaign using footage from the film. The result was a celebration of disabilities and dance that not only highlighted the accomplishments of the ADA, but also honored the dance company, Montclair State University and the creative contributors of the event. It ran repeatedly for 10 days and was so successful, that the ADA Association asked Heidi to continue working with them. She is now a leader in the dance and disabilities community. 

Other Hats: Editor, Liasion with Comcast for the media delivery, Videographer of live event.

Cool Factor: Seeing my name up in lights over Times Square!

Artist Marketing


Strategy for Developing Visual Marketing Content for Theatrical Performances: Performance artists need evocative visual imagery to promote their live performance pieces. Without giving away the ending, this writer/actress/producer needed an image that captured the anxiety of the baby-making business for struggling mother wannabes. We came up with this simple idea of chasing the baby as the stork flies away. More than helping her think through the idea for the image, I was able to execute it for her using still photography and PhotoShop. Over the years, I have helped more than 100 artists develop an artistic digital presence. Most were neither technical enough nor had the design abilities to package themselves. As a strategist, digital media artist, editor and designer, I aid my clients in translating their work into source-able digital content that promotes the stories they wish to share. 

Other Hats: Photographer, Designer, Editor, Website Developer, FaceBook Promoter.

Cool Factor: Helping really talented artists look good makes this work fun!