Editor of branded content, short films, trailers, documentaries, pilots, sizzle reels, video for live performance and music videos 

Branded Content Editor


Edited and produced 20 videos for FarePortal's Local Guide campaign.

Edited and co-produced two videos; NEPAL and MANHATTAN GIRLS CHOIR for the Reasons to Travel | Give Back campaign.

For these projects, we created local guides of things to do in cities across America, This was a great way for this travel company to connect people to local business and give people 'REASONS TO TRAVEL' fulfilling their company mission. 

OTHER HATS: Post-Production Supervisor, Sound Designer, Text & Graphics Animator, Music Supervisor and Editor, Music Licensing and Development Support.

COOL FACTOR: Telling the human stories for the Give Back campaign included amazing coverage of Nepal and the efforts there to build post-earthquake schools. The immediate impact of bringing solar powered handheld lights to a remote region gave new meaning to "let there be light."

Short Film Editor


Edited picture and sound for The Birch Grove, a dance film by choreographer/director Gabrielle Lansner.

Edited the trailer.

This film was the winner of three film festival awards: The People's Choice Award at Screen Dance MIAMI; Grand Jury Award and Best Experimental Film at Underexposed Film Festival. 

OTHER HATS: Connected Director with Writer and DP, Managed narration VO session remotely, Post Production Supervisor, Website Designer.

COOL FACTOR: Seeing my work on the big screen is always cool and satisfying.

Trailer Editor

Case Study: ANGEL

Edited picture and music as well as color corrected this trailer.

Before a film goes to festivals, it needs a short representation in the form of a festival trailer. This was one of several festival trailers I have edited in the past few years. This film won the MIFF Award, ICG's Emerging Cinematographer Award and Best Shorts for Fastnet Short Film Festival among others. 

OTHER HATS: Website Designer, Without-a-Box Consultant.

COOL FACTOR: Watching the success that this short indie film brought to its Irish filmmaking team--fionnaur!

Documentary Film Editor

Case Study: FROM PARTNERS TO PIONEERS: The Elmer and Mamdouha Bobst Story

Edited picture and music and outlined much of the story for this documentary film.

Edited a shorter version for television broadcasting and a longer version for the family.

Digging into the history of this story was an interesting journey. I had the opportunity to learn about the origins of a successful Pharmaceutical business and the type of men who were building it at the time. Apparently, I wasn't the only one interested in this story as it received nearly 300,00 views on YouTube within the first week it was posted.

OTHER HATS: Sound Designer, 2nd Unit DP, Music Editor, Music Licensee.

COOL FACTOR: Knowing that this was translated into Arabic and broadcast on television in Lebanon the day after Mamdouha died in 2015.

Pilot Editor

Case Study: Roswell

Edited picture, sound and music for the HISTORY CHANNEL PILOT pitch.

This was a hybrid of reality television, historical documentary and treasure hunt. It was exciting to work on as the story unfolded during our edit, and new discoveries were brought into the process of understanding this famous UFO government coverup. 

OTHER HATS: Post Production Supervisor; Audio Field Recorder for Narration; SFX Coordinator with German FX Company.

COOL FACTOR: After working on this pilot for two months, I began to feel more certain, that as galactic beings, we are not alone...

Sizzle Reel Editor

Case Study: Harem

Edited picture, sound and music for this Cable Network Sizzle Reel.

Cutting any sort of documentary styled story always has a sense of mystery to it; you may go in with expectations, but what comes out is often surprising. And always, for the story work, you need to fall in love with the characters you are working with.

OTHER HATS: Music Supervisor, Assistant Story Editor.

COOL FACTOR: Being a fly on the wall of an NJ strip club, and getting a behind the scenes reality check on what these women's lives are like was surprisingly uplifting!

Video for Live Performance Editor

Case Study: TALK

Edited picture and sound for this short film that was part of a live theatrical performance.

This was an exercise in trust! I was given this job by the producer of the Foundry Theatre without a roadmap. It was an incredible learning experience and marked the beginning of my career as a theatrical video designer. After TALK, my artistic world opened up.

OTHER HATS: Full on Filmmaker, i.e. Write, Shoot, Director, Edit.

COOL FACTOR: Shooting in the space pictured above the Hoboken Terminal where Immigrants heading west were first sent after Ellis Island was incredibly special. Winning an OBIE AWARD for my work on this project, and hearing the Award announced by Mary-Louise Parker was an unforgettable surprise!

Music Video Editor


Edited picture and sound for this music video shot entirely in slow motion.

As a composer, cutting a music video is a natural fit for me. I see the rhythms in the actions on screen and instantly know how to bring the audience into the story that is dancing before them.

OTHER HATS: Post-Production Supervisor.

COOL FACTOR: CLANNAD is a famous classic Irish band. It was fun to create a video that was all together different for them; a visual song narrative presented entirely in slow motion.